November BONUS Spotlight Hours

Bonus for all 4 days will be 2x Transfer candy and 2x catch XP

  • Friday, November 26 Kanto Rattata  

  • Saturday, November 27  Sableye

  • Sunday, November 28 Pikachu

  • Monday, November 29 Beldum


This is a special edition of Enhancing the spotlight. There will be 4 bonus spotlight hours in November. As always we included in this edition a concise PvP breakdown on IVs to target and how much to prioritize grinding for XLs during these bonus spotlight hours which occur between 12pm and 1pm local time.


GO Stadium has an excellent IV rank checker to show how your Pokémon is ranked, and you can adjust for any way you obtain the Pokémon. The website is linked in the terms section at the bottom along with some helpful explanations of common Pokémon GO phrases if needed.


— November 26 — Kanto Rattata Spotlight —


Rattata: Normal - 15/15/15 level 50 - CP 734

Raticate: Normal - 15/15/15 level 50 - CP 1730

Weaknesses: Fighting

Resistances: 2x Ghost

Evolution Costs: 25 Rattata Candy > Raticate

2nd Charge Move Costs: 25 Rattata Candy & 10k stardust

LC: Rattata: 1/15/15 level 27

GL: Raticate: 2/15/15 level 35.5



XL Priority: Low 

Shiny: No

Mega Evolve: Lopunny, Pidgeot


PVP Considerations

At the current moment, there are no PvP considerations here. Rattata can be extra small, which can help with your Youngster badge, but did you ever find Youngster Joey to be challenging in the main series games? I didn’t think so. There is only so much a top tier Rattata can bring you. Bragging rights? Sure, you can tell all your friends about it. Wins? Not so much. As per usual, try and keep a good IV Raticate in the storage just in case it ever gets buffed.


—  November 27 — Sableye Spotlight —


Sableye: Ghost/Dark - 15/15/15 level 50 - CP 1668

Weaknesses: Fairy

Resistances: 2x Normal, 2x Psychic, Fighting, Poison

2nd Charge Move Costs: 75 Sableye Candy & 75k stardust

Purified 2nd Charge Move Costs: 60 Sableye Candy & 60k stardust

Shadow 2nd Charge Move Costs: 90 Sableye Candy & 90k stardust

GL: Sableye: 0/15/15 level 49.5

GL: Purified Sableye: 3/14/15 level 48

GL: Shadow Sableye: 0/15/15 level 49.5



XL Priority: High 

Shiny: Yes

Mega Evolve: Gengar, Gyarados, Houndoom, Absol


PVP Considerations

This is the type of Spotlight Hour you’ve been dreaming of. Not only does each Sableye come with 750 dust a catch (get your starpiece ready!), but Sableye is one of the best Pokémon in Great League and requires Candy XL to reach its maximum potential. This is your best chance ever to gather Sableye Candy XL, so take full advantage if you can. Sableye is typically at its best as a Purified Pokémon in order to use Return, so chances are you won’t be IV hunting this Spotlight Hour. Instead using this time to gather the Candy XL needed to build either an XL Purified Sableye with Return, or alternatively an XL Shadow Sableye should that be something you want to build! 



— November 28— Pikachu Spotlight —



Pikachu: Electric - 15/15/15 level 50 - CP 1060

Raichu: Electric - 15/15/15 level 50 - CP 2467

Weaknesses: Ground

Resistances: Electric, Flying, Steel

Evolution Costs: 25 Pikachu Candy > Raichu

2nd Charge Move Costs: 25 Pikachu Candy & 10k stardust

LC: Pikachu: 1/15/15 level 21

GL: Raichu: 0/15/14 level 26

UL: Raichu: 15/15/15 level 50 


XL Priority: Medium

Shiny: Yes

Mega Evolve: Ampharos, Manectric


PVP Considerations

Raichu is a solid PvP Pokémon, mainly at the Great League level where it gives you a solid but unspectacular Electric type. If you want either form of Raichu (Kanto or Alolan) for Ultra League, you will need a lot of Candy XL to get it there. However, can you think of a time you were ever short on chances to hunt Pikachu? They are around at almost every event, sometimes with a brand new hat! This Spotlight Hour might be a good one to skip, unless you need those Pikachu Candy XL badly, are hunting for the shiny, still lack a good IV Great League Raichu, are working on your Pikachu fan medal, or have some other reason to participate.



— November 29 — Beldum Spotlight —



Beldum: Steel/Psychic - 15/15/15 level 50 - CP 1104

Metang: Steel/Psychic - 15/15/15 level 50 - CP 1946

Metagross: Steel/Psychic- 15/15/15 level 50 - CP 4286

Weaknesses: Dark, Fire, Ghost, Ground

Resistances: 2x Poison, 2x Psychic, Dragon, Fairy, Flying, Grass, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel

Evolution Costs: 25 Beldum Candy > Metang > 100 Beldum Candy  > Metagross

2nd Charge Move Costs: 75 Beldum Candy & 75k stardust

Shadow 2nd Charge Move Costs: 90 Beldum Candy & 90k stardust


GL: Metang: 0/13/15 level 38

GL: Metagross: 2/15/15 level 14.5

UL: Metagross: 0/15/13 level 24.5

ML: Metagross: 15/15/15 level 50

XL Priority: High

Shiny: Yes

Mega Evolve: Slowbro


PVP Considerations

Here’s another Spotlight Hour, like Sableye, that is sure to energize the player base. This one needs little explanation: Metagross is one of the best Pokémon in Master League and one of the best Pokémon for PvE/Raiding, and one where many players will love any chance they can get to gather Candy XL to max out their Metagross. If you are free on a Monday afternoon, time to stock up on some Beldum Candy XL!    



— Terms —

Spawn rate = How fast Pokémon will show up in a giving time

XP = Experience Points

CP = Combat Power

Pinap = Gives you twice the candy for catching

Silver pinap = Gives you twice the candy for catching and boost to help catching

Stacking = Keeping multiple research rewards to be used later

IVs – Individual Values

Mega Evolve = Pokemon when mega evolved will help gain extra candy

STAB – Same type attack bonus

META – Most effective tactics available

PVE = Player vs Environment – (Raiding/Gym Battles)

PVE - IVs = Individual values for Raiding – as close to 15/15/15 as possible

PVP = Player vs Player

PVP - IVs = Individual values for battling – usually low attack and high defense/stamina

Fast Move = Move used to gain energy for charge move

Charge Move = Move shown on the screen that energy is gained to use

GBL - GO Battle League

LC = Little Cup 500CP and lower 

GL = Great League 1500CP and lower

UL = Ultra League 2500CP and lower

ML = Master League unlimited CP