Master League Stasis (v2.0)

Written by Tangent444


ML Stasis Developer Notes (June 2021)


We have made a few small adjustments to ML Stasis. The latest changes, along with the general development of the format are in large part thanks to StefanEijg and the rest of the team over at PoGoRaids. The format does not exist as it is today without their recommendations and format testing.


New Additions:


  • Yveltal was placed in the A Tier. As a new big Legendary on the scene and one of the strongest Giratina counters in the game, this felt like an appropriate starting spot for it.

  • Landorus Therian was placed in the B Tier, as it is quite comparable to Landorus Incarnate with a few trade-offs.

  • Goodra was placed in the B Tier. It is a tier lower than Dragonite because it has generally worse Charge move options and feels more comparable to Latios.


Changing Tiers


  • Groudon was moved down from S Tier to A Tier. It is generally easier to wall by Flying types, and we look forward to seeing how the meta plays out with Groudon becoming more accessible.

  • Excadrill was moved up from C Tier to B Tier. It was an overly common pick in the C Tier and was considered too good of a bargain to keep there.


Best of luck in all your ML Stasis battles!


— The Stasis Team