Today we are proud to announce two new features to the GO Stadium Rank Checker.

First one is the rank checker now shows stardust/candy investments


Includes the stardust required and the candy needed for the various leagues.


Second feature is integration with Pokebattler’s Pokebox feature. This will allow you to save your Pokémon to your Pokebattler pokebox for use across Pokebattler. Stadium Gaming and PvPoke.

To use this feature please click on the new add to Pokebox button

This requires you to be logged into the site via discord in order to use.

Pokémon added here will also be available to see on


Benefits of using Pokebox

  1. Pokémon in your pokebox are available as raid counters when using either Pokebattler’s website or mobile app.

  2. Pokémon can be used in simulations on PvPoke

  3. Pokebox will be introduced as a way to simplify the process of registering for tournaments on Stadium Gaming