Message to Legacy users

Welcome to the new site! All of your data is safe and sound. To begin click the "Dashboad" button below. You will be directed to a login page. You'll notice we have transitioned to SSO using a few popular social media providers.

  • If the email address linked to your account and your social media account are the same, no extra steps are needed. After logging in, all of your data will be accessable and you can start entering new data!
  • If the email address linked to your account does not match any of your social media accounts, you will need to go thru an extra "account claim" process. This is the same as on the legacy site where you will need to rename your buddy and submit a screenshot. The system should detect and accept your submission automatically. If not, hang tight and a staff member will manually review it soon.

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Track your in-game stats and see your trends

See where you stack up among people in your country, region or city

Follow the progress of your friends or share your stats with others

Join a leaderboard with your friends no matter where they are

What is Stadium Stats?

Throughout the World of Pokémon, statistics have been an integral part of a Trainer's journey to be the very best. Tracking their encounters and progress across various regions, Trainers chart new paths and achieve momentous milestones along their way. From catches and evolutions to battles and victories, all of your stats from the World of Pokémon can be tracked here, inside the Stadium. After all, a Trainer's journey to be the very best always passes through the Stadium!