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Hot In The Jungle: King Vigoroth

Created by JRESeawolf on June 23, 2019

Last updated by JRESeawolf on June 23, 2019 at 2:04 a.m.

Jungle CupNormal
AttDefStaMax CP

Optimal IV


Fighting 160%

Ghost 39%


Counter & Body Slam/Bulldoze

I think it is already safe to say that Viggy is going to be at the center of pretty much every infographic and meta breakdown you're going to see throughout July. With Counter alone, it immediately becomes the biggest threat to everything part Normal in Jungle Cup, and Body Slam is just a disgustingly powerful PvP move that will basically never be resisted. And on top of all that, Vigoroth has good bulk and a second move that's a rare-in-Jungle Ground type, which can punish Electrics, adding yet another potent use of Vigoroth. Between Counter, Body Slam, and Bulldoze, there is nothing in the Cup that Viggy cannot hit with at least neutral damage, and its high win rate shows that. Nothing in the game resists all of those moves. Vigoroth will be everywhere, and you're going to want one too. And yes, despite the 75,000 dust cost, you want...no, you NEED the second move. (Even bad move Brick Break is worth consideration.)

Bow down to the King of Jungle Cup!