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Hot In The Jungle: Noctowl

Created by JRESeawolf on June 23, 2019

Last updated by JRESeawolf on June 23, 2019 at 2:04 a.m.

Jungle CupNormalFlyingTempest Cup
AttDefStaMax CP

Optimal IV

Electric 160%Rock 160%Ice 160%

Grass 62%Bug 62%Ground 39%Ghost 39%


Wing Attack & Sky Attack/Night Shade

I think Noctowl deserves to be labeled a King Of The Jungle (along with Vigoroth). With a default 116 Defense and whopping 167 HP, Noctowl is a flying tank. Better still, it gets the best PvP Flying fast AND charge moves (Wing & Sky Attacks). Those alone are so good you barely need a second move, but since it costs only 10,000 dust, there is no harm in adding Night Shade, which deals notably more damage to the Magneboys than the resisted Sky Attack.

If you're looking for a budget friendly beatstick that doesn't lose to much (really only Electrics threaten it) and covers tons of the meta (all Grasses, Bugs, and anything that relies on Fighting rightly fears it), I think a Wing/Sky Attack Owl is gonna be your BFF and will be at the core of the meta throughout July.