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Created by AyameNoop on July 8, 2019

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ProfilesWaterGroundBoulder CupTempest Cup
AttDefStaMax CP

Optimal IV

Grass 256%

Poison 62%Fire 62%Electric 62%Rock 62%Steel 62%


Quagsire is a Water/Ground Mon best known for its ability to do a large amount of burst damage with its wide coverage Charge Moves, allowing it to function best as a closer. Mud Shot and Water Gun are excellent EPT moves, quickly charging up Stone Edge and Earthquake. Sludge Bomb and Acid Spray provide counter coverage and utility to Quagsire's arsenal if needed at the cost of coverage. Unfortunately Quagsire's reliance on maximizing it's Energy gain through the use of the low DPT and high EPT Mud Shot means that as long as Quagsire's opponent has at least one shield, Quagsire can do very little. Lastly, Quagsire's crippling double weakness to Grass means that the player is usually forced to bring Grass counters to cover Quagsire, or to run a Poison Charge Move and lose coverage.

High Burst Damage Closer (aka EdgeQuake)

Fast Move: Mud Shot

Charge Move #1: Stone Edge

Charge Move #2: Earthquake

Full investment into Energy gain and coverage allows Quagsire to outspeed most other Closers and land a high damage Stone Edge when shields are down, allowing it to fill a role as a closer with excellent coverage.

Acid Spray Lead/Mid (aka EdgeSpray)

Fast Move: Mud Shot

Charge Move #1: Acid Spray

Charge Move #2: Stone Edge

The addition of Acid Spray allows Quagsire to function surprisingly well as a Lead or Mid with strong shield baiting ability. Since Acid Spray and Stone Edge cost about the same amount of energy, Quagsire's opponent usually has no idea what move is coming their way and ideally be tricked into shielding Acid Spray (the debuff working through shields) and letting a damaging Stone Edge through. Even if Quagsire's opponent correctly telegraphs Acid Spray they would be taking increased Mud Shot damage and the next Charge Move is only another 6 seconds away, repeating the guessing process. If Quagsire's opponent decides to switch in a Hard Counter, simply hitting an Acid Spray then switching out can give the player a huge advantage. This moveset depends on some element of mindgames and luck as well as Quagsire's opponent's ability to resist Stone Edge's damage as they would be less likely to shield if they do.

Rock/Steel/Fairy Counter (aka QuakeBomb)

Fast Move: Mud Shot

Charge Move #1: Earthquake

Charge Move #2: Sludge Bomb

Quagsire can also be run as a hard counter to common Rock and/or Steel mons like Bastiodon, Melmetal and Probopass. Mud Shot's high EPT allows Quagsire to outspeed them to Earthquake, which will OHKO them unless shielded while Quagsire can tank a Charge Move if needed thanks to it resisting all of their possible moves. Sludge Bomb rounds off Quagsire's coverage as it allows it to function as a Soft Counter to Azumarill as well as provide some form of counter coverage against Grass