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Rubric for Writing Articles

Created by AyameNoop on July 8, 2019

Last updated by AyameNoop on July 8, 2019 at 1:48 a.m.


The general rubric for writing wiki pages of individual mons shall be:


-Brief overview/description of the mon's roles, niche and main uses

-Pros of the mon such as but not limited to: It's unique selling points and advantages over similar mons

-Cons of the mon

[Description of Moveset]

-Fast Move, followed by Charge Move #1 and #2, followed by a short brief on how to play this particular moveset, its strengths and weaknesses and compare it to other movesets when possible. Whenever possible, Charge Move #1 should be the more commonly used of the 2 and the movesets should be arranged in descending order, either based on popularity or in the way that allows the writing to flow

[Cup Specific Write Up]

1 sub header for each specific cup Description and moveset as per the format above if desired

See also Profile Template

Notes: Language Style should be as similar to Smogon as possible