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AttDefStaMax CP

Optimal IV


Fairy 160%

Poison 62%Normal 39%Fighting 62%Psychic 39%


Sableye is a Ghost/Dark Attacker primarily known for dishing out and recieving primarily netural damage against huge swaths of the meta thanks to it's moveset and typing. It particualy excels as a safe lead or switch in, dealing good damage through the use of Shadow Claw and applying shield pressure through the use of Foul Play and Shadow Sneak. Power Gen rounds out it's moveset, allowing it to deal SE damage to Flying and Fire Mons, albeit inefficiently due to its low DPE and high Energy cost. Sableye also finds a niche role as a counterpick to other Ghosts and Psychics thanks to it's relative bulk and ability to deal SE damage. Unfortunately Sableye can frequently find itself outfought by most of the top tier meta thanks to its average bulk and damage output as well as rarely having any sort of type advantage. Sableye's 2nd move unlock is very costly, combined with its rarity in the wild and its requirement to be at max level means that the cost of prepping a Mon that is usually at the fringes of the core meta is usually not worth it to the average player unless they can catch a high level Sableye and/or get a lucky one through trading

Generalist Attacker

Fast Move: Shadow Claw

Charge Move #1: Foul Play

Charge Move #2: Power Gem

Foul Play is Sableye's most efficient move, hitting the majority of the meta for neutral damage. Power Gem provides some coverage against Flying and Fire Mons.

Ghost/Psychic Counter

Fast Move: Shadow Claw

Charge Move #1: Foul Play

Charge Move #2: Shadow Sneak

If anti-air cover is not a concern for the player's team; Shadow Sneak can be run instead to provide much needed coverage against Fairy and Fighting types who would otherwise resist Foul Play. Shadow Sneak will also generally perform just a little bit better than Foul Play when up against Fighting/Psychic types like Gallade and Medicham and should be prioritized in those situations